Wednesday, 20 August 2014

One Hundred Billionaires Who Give Money Away

If you’re looking for billionaires who give money away then you’ll be able to find a comprehensive list at the GivingPledge.Org, Forbes 400 Philanthropy List and Business Week Top 50 givers. These three lists combined will give you information on at least 100 billionaires who give money away; these billionaires include some old faces like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Skoll. The list also welcome new philanthropists like Mark Zuckerberg and a host of other billionaires who help people in need.

Note: Rich people who give away money DO EXIST - If you have a genuine reason then there is a Good Chance YOU will get money.

Which is the Best List of Philanthropist?

By far the most comprehensive list is the GivingPledge.Org list which contains information on billionaires that are preparing to give away more than half of their wealth to help people in need. These people giving money away are by far the most generous people around. From the list you can find information on the programs the billionaires support and all the details of the Foundation or charity that they run. All in all it is an indispensable list which will help you if you’re planning on asking millionaires and billionaires for financial assistance.

How Shall I Use The List?

You need to go through the profile of every millionaire to see if there are any which will support your cause. The people who give money away concentrate on certain good causes. For example Oprah Winfrey concentrates most of her efforts in the USA through scholarship opportunities. You need to then find details of their foundation or charity that they run and make a note of the contact details. Once you’re armed with the best billionaires who are likely to support your cause you can begin writing a hardship letter. This is one of the most important stages, by reading all the profiles of the billionaires you’ll be able to pinpoint the ones that are most likely to help and not waste your time contacting rich people who will refuse you financial assistance.

What Shall I Write in the Hardship Letter?

You must have a genuine need to write about, if you need help with your studies then, help with medical treatment, help with financial despair, homelessness, and poverty then you can contact these Foundations for help. The rich people giving away money despise people who sponge so if you're lazy there is zero chance you will get the rich people to send you money. The hardship letter must contain details of your circumstances, how much money you need and how it will make such a difference to your life. If you need help with financial problems such as help paying mortgage, help with debt consolidation or urgent financial assistance it's still worth a try.

One Hundred Billionaires Who Give Money Away

Here is a list of the top 100 rich people giving away money. You can contact these millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists through their giving organisation, via post or by email. You can ask for money online however you stand a better chance of receiving financial assistance if you go through the proper channels which is the giving organisation.

The people who give away money for free are all around us and we only need to find these people who give donations so we can live a better life. The best list is the Giving Pledge Charity Pledge list which contains all the rich people giving money. 

Choosing Philanthropists Giving Away Money

The process of choosing philanthropists giving away money is simple. First identify a legitimate need, this need might be to further your education, it might be to get your business off your ground or it might be to help you through transition. Once you've identified your need/hardship all you need to do is sift through all the organisations run by these millionaires and billionaires so you can match your need to a program they are offering. Most of the assistance programs on offer include scholarships, business grants, help with financial despair, help for low income families and much more.

Proper Way to Contact Rich People Who Donate Money

The most appropriate way to contact these billionaire people who give away free money is through the organisation that they run. Get familiar with the website and look at all the programs on offer. Most of the time you will need to fill out an application form to see if you are eligible for any help. You can also write a letter asking for financial assistance. Billionaires who give money away despise people who want a free lunch so avoid making statements such as donate money to me, send me money now, and send me free money. Making statements like these will get you nowhere.

What are the Chances of Getting Free Money?

If you think billionaires giving money is just a myth on the internet think again. There is one specific example where a man named Craig Ronin made a YouTube video asking rich people to give money. Craig Ronin asked for a million dollars which he got within a few weeks. There are also countless other examples of rich people who give money away. The reason why people refuse to believe millionaires and billionaires give away money is because 99% of requests are false which is why they never receive a donation. The key is having a legitimate need and then asking for money in the appropriate way.

Help Need Money Now

I have included a list of billionaires, celebrities, philanthropists and millionaires giving money below. The best way to contact these rich people is through their charitable foundation. You should be able to find an organization which these billionaires are aligned to and then contact them directly. The preferred way to get millionaire help is by applying for the assistance program on offer through the organization. Avoid using comments such as I need money right away and please I need help with money. Instead explain your situation and then ask for a reasonable sum or apply for a program that will improve your quality of like and standard of living. I guarantee you there are billionaires, celebrities, philanthropists and millionaires giving money! all you have to do is find them.