Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Athlete Billionaires & Millionaires Giving Away Money (With Contact Details)

Did you know that the athlete Michael Jordan has an estimated net worth of one billion dollars? This fact alone inspired me to write this special post on athlete billionaires and millionaires giving away money. In this post I’ll be sharing the names and contact details of footballers, basketball players, soccer players, golf pros as well as Formula One Drivers. As always feel free to share this special Millionaires Giving Money Blog post with other people who might find it entertaining or resourceful and be sure to share the contents on social media!

I Need Money Now

One mistake that people make when asking millionaires for money is they jump into the deep end dumping their problems on rich people expecting them to help. They use dialogue such as I want money or I need money NOW which admittedly irritates anybody. Rather than asking for money straight away a better strategy is to reach out to these billionaire and millionaire athletes and ask them for advice mentoring and inspiration. 

If you can create a rapport with these rich people your life will almost certainly improve and not just financially. You will begin to think positive and you’ll crush your poverty mentality altogether. So without further ado here are five athlete billionaires and millionaires giving away money.

Athlete Billionaires & Millionaires Giving Away Money

#1: Michael Jordon: Net Worth: $1 Billion Dollars

First on the list of athlete billionaires giving away money is Michael Jordan the NBA basketball player formerly of the Chicago Bulls. Michael was born into poverty in the year of 1963 in a rough neighbourhood in Brooklyn. After spending every spare moment practising slam dunking a basketball he became one of the all time greats in the sport. Michael Jordan has an estimated net worth of one billion dollars making him the richest athlete of all time. Despite retiring 10 years ago Mr Jordan still receives an astounding 100 million dollars per year from endorsements from the Nike Air Jordan brand. Michael was also the first athlete to earn more than $30 million per year.

Michael Jordan is an amazing athlete and a genuinely compassionate and generous individual. In 1985 he started the Michael Jordan Foundation which later became the James R. Jordan Foundation. The mission of the foundation was to create networks of support for families and communities which strengthen family ties and motivate youth to do well in academics despite being in underserved communities. You can reach out to Michael Jordan on the contact details below.

Michael Jordan Contact Details
James R. Jordan Foundation
PO Box 11698
Chicago, IL 60611
Telephone: (312) 751 9696
Email: info[at]JamesJordanFoundation[dot]com

#2: Michael Schumacher: Net Worth: $800+ Million Dollars

Number two in the list of athlete millionaires giving away money is the driving supremo Michael Schumacher with an estimated net worth of 800 million dollars. Michael was born in 1969 in the small town of Hurth in Former West Germany. Michael has an annual salary of fifty million dollars most of which come from endorsements from expensive brands such as Ferrari. Michael is one of the greatest athletes of our time winning the Formula One drivers champion seven times between 1994 and 2004.

Not only does Michael Schumacher have speed in his blood he also has a good dose of generosity. Schumacher supports a number of charities including UNICEF, ChildLine, and the Red Cross and has donated tens of millions over the years. This is a truly genuine individual out to help people. After searching high and low I’ve managed to find the contact details for Michael Schumacher detailed below.

Michael Schumacher Contact Details  
The MS Office S.A.
Avenue Du Mont-Blanc 14b
1196 Gland
Telephone: (+49) 711-72 64 60 (Germany)

#3: Vince McMahon: Net Worth: $750 Million Dollars

Number three in the list of athlete millionaires giving away money is Vince McMahon with a mind boggling 750 million dollar net worth. Vince was born in 1945 Pinehurst USA and made his vast and ever expanding fortune as a Wrestler, Promoter, Film Producer, Actor, Director and Screenwriter. Most of McMahon’s wealth comes from the WWE World Wrestling Entertainment where the McMahon’s own 57% of the class A shares which puts their wrestling fortune in at $480 million dollars. 

Vince put WWE formerly WWF on the world stage using the hugely entertaining Wrestle mania, Summer Slam and Royal Rumble wrestling matches.

As the years have passed Vince McMahon has developed a genuinely generous side helping people all over America and the world. McMahon has donated money to the Fishburne Military School, Sacred Heart University as well as to the Donald Trump Charity. If you need help and want to reach out to Vince McMahon you can do so on the contact details given below.

Vince McMahon Contact Details
WWE, Inc.
1241 East Main Street
CT 06902
Telephone: (203) 328-2560

#4: Tiger Woods: $550 Million Dollars

Fourth in the list of athlete millionaires that give money is black golfer Tiger Woods. Tiger has an estimate net worth of 550 million dollars along with a modest annual salary of 85 million. Woods made most of his fortune as a golfer and writer and if he can rekindle his winning streak he is set to become the richest athlete in the world. Some of Tiger Woods career achievements and highlights include having a top spot on 14 professional major events and over 70 PGA tour events. The success of Tiger Woods has made him an endorsement magnet signing deals with Nike and Titleist which is worth over 60 million dollars. Some of his other endorsements include Rolex, American Express and even TLC Laser Eye Center.

Like the majority of athlete millionaires Tiger Woods has used his fortune to DO good in the world. The pro golfer created the Tiger Woods Foundation in 1996 and along with his father started donating money to help underserved students with college access. Since creating the foundation Tiger and his father have donated millions to young people to deliver unique experiences and educational innovation to youths worldwide. Tiger is a truly amazing person. You too can reach out to Tiger using the contact details given below.

Tiger Woods Contact Details
Tiger Woods Foundation
121 Innovation Drive
Suite 150
California 92617

#5: Magic Johnson: Net Worth: $500+ Million Dollars

Finally in at number five in the list of athlete millionaires giving away money is Magic Johnson. The Magician has an astounding estimated net worth of 500 million dollars. Magic was born in 1959 in Lansing USA and made his meteoric fortune as a basketball player, talk show host, actor, and television producer. Magic Johnson is considered to be the finest point guard of all time. Unfortunately Johnsons career was disrupted after he contracted HIV in 1991, Magic did persevere however he was forced to retire in 1996. Johnson later channelled all of his energy towards created a foundation to help people all over the world with his wealth. Magic is also an shrewd investor and entrepreneur building the business empire Magic Johnson Enterprises now valued at over $1 billion dollars.

The Magic Johnson Foundation works hard to help people pave the way to a better tomorrow by empowering, offering resources; and inspiring change to improve underserved communities. Magic Johnson concentrates most of his efforts in offering HIV/AIDS initiatives, scholarship programs and community empowerment centers. If you want to reach out to Magic Johnson you can do so on the contact details given below.

Magic Johnson Contact Details
Magic Johnson Foundation
9100 Wilshire Boulevard
Ste. 700 East
Beverly Hills
California 90212
Telephone: (310) 581-6374

Athlete Billionaires and Millionaires Giving Away Money

If you need help in life or want inspiration there’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to these amazing athletes to ask them for help, inspiration and mentorship. Once you build a rapport these billionaires and millionaires are more than likely to offer you financial assistance. Don’t make the mistake of diving into the deep end making statements such as I want money or I need money now, dialogue like that is more than likely to stop a millionaire from replying to you. 

I really hope this special post from the Millionaires Giving Money Blog was helpful and entertaining. As always please feel free to share this post with other people who might find it entertaining and don’t forget to share Athlete Millionaires Giving Away Money on social media. Good Luck and God Bless.