Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I Want to Give Money Away

'I want to give money away to people' is something that you seldom hear however there are a number of people willing to give money away, these millionaires or billionaires who give money away are called philanthropists. There’s nothing stopping you from contacting millionaires who help people in need, in fact there are some great stories of how these rich people give money away.

Rich People Giving Away Money

Millionaires who help people in need
: Millionaires such as Warren Buffett, Bill & Melinda Gates have pledged most of their wealth to help people in need. Oprah Winfrey has given away more than $50 Million to help African-American people who are experiencing poverty by giving them money for education and training. Ellen DeGeneres has given away free houses and cars away to her fans who are struggling with money.

People Giving Away Free Money

Rich people who want to give away money
 are always prepared to listen to your story, if they do end up helping you then it’s great for their publicity, when Ellen DeGeneres gave away a free house to one of her fans her publicity and ratings went off the charts. When Bill Gates and Warren Buffett pledged most of their wealth away Forbes magazine did a piece on how great they are and how they’ll be remembered as the greatest philanthropists ever.

People Who Want to Donate Money

People who give away money can be contacted. These people want attention and like to hear a story they can donate to. If you’re interested you can easily find a list of rich people in the Forbes 400 Philanthropist List. From this list you can find the foundations and charities that are run by these rich people and contact them by email or letter.

I want to Give Money Away to People

If you do contact the rich people who always say 'I want to give money away to people' then always be open and honest as your story will be verified. Here are some inspirational photos of people who want to give money away.

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