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Monday, 23 January 2017

Free Money Giveaway No Strings Attached

Free money giveaway with no strings attached is available from lots of different sources. Because organizations and people are helping other people in need I created this site which connects people who are experiencing hardship with people that can help them. These people could be millionaires, billionaires, celebrities, corporate foundations or even just the general public. If you're experiencing a genuine hardship then there are free money give away's with no strings attached in 2017

In this article, I will reveal ways that you can contact charitable organizations for money. Remember that money giveaways are generally available if you are experiencing hardship and false statements could lead to money giveaways being recalled. If you want to take charge of your own finances then check out the following posts on making money quickly. These posts give ideas on how to make money legally and if you put a concerted amount of effort you could generate a nice passive monthly income.

Money Making Guides

Who is Eligible for Free Money Giveaway?

The first thing that I would like to mention is that there are lots of scam sites out there who just want to make money off of you, there are sites that want you to leave a comment on your hardship in an attempt to increase their views so that they can make more money from advertising, this site is different, I genuinely want to help people and anything that I find worth sharing will be posted here. There are lots of free money giveaway sites and programs which are completely genuine.

If you're looking for a free money giveaway in 2017 then you need to have a genuine hardship, sometimes people get confused over their circumstances and send requests for money everywhere never to get a response. A Genuine hardship would be someone who is experiencing the following:

#1: Financial Despair - Have no money or have lost all your money and have nowhere to turn to

#2: Homelessness - Have no shelter and no one who can accommodate you 

#3: Poverty - Are in debt, have no future prospect, stuck in a low-income job where you need more income

#4: Medical Bills with No Insurance

#5: Medical Treatment with No Insurance

#6: Disaster Recovery - Have experienced a disaster and require assistance to get back on your feet

If you do have a genuine hardship then people are willing to give money with no strings attached. The first step that you need to take is to reflect on whether you really have a real hardship, if your circumstance is within your control then it's better you do something about it and help yourself.

Help From the Government Public Assistance

The first free giveaway money organization to consider is government assistance. If through your reflection you've found that you need external intervention then take a moment to think about public assistance, if you're unemployed and on a low income then you could probably qualify for the following benefits which are offered by US Government.

#1: Unemployment Benefits


#2: Food Stamps


#3: Rental Assistance


#4: Weatherization Programs

Millionaires Giving Money

The next money giveaway option you should consider is asking rich millionaires, billionaires, and philanthropists for help. If you've tried public assistance and have nowhere to turn to then it's worth contacting rich people for money, you could contact millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and even corporate foundations for money. I have started to add the contact details of all the people that can help on the pages above where you can ask millionaires, philanthropists, corporate foundations, and celebrities for help. You can also get millionaire help by contacting the foundations run by these rich people, I have shared some contact details below for millionaires giving money

If you're looking for more people to contact then you could try the following lists which have excellent profiles on rich people giving money away with no strings attached. Once you find a millionaire who supports your cause you can research further into their charitable foundation and then contact them directly for help.

#1: The Giving Pledge

#2: Forbes Philanthropy List

#3: Business Week Top 50 American Philanthropists

How to Get Money for Free (Genuine)

Once you have a handful of rich people that are likely to support your cause it's best to contact them with a hardship letter, the hardship letter should contain details of your present circumstances, how much you need and how you plan to use the money, you should finish the letter by describing how much difference a donation would make to your life.

You should also find the charitable foundation run by these rich people. These organizations will have programs to help people who are experiencing hardship. If you look hard enough you will find a program for absolutely every hardship that's conceivable. If you're looking to make a quick buck through deceiving these organizations then the chances of receiving donations are low. 

Suppose you want to further your education with free college money you could look at programs available on the George Lucas Edutopia Foundation, Susan Thomson Buffett Foundation, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Suppose you were experiencing financial hardship you could check the programs on offer through the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation which specializes in helping people who are in financial despair. You could also look at contacting celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres who regularly give away free education, free homes, and free cars to their fans and audience.

George Lucas Edutopia Foundation
PO Box 3494
San Rafael
California 94912-3494

Susan Thomson Buffett Foundation
222 Kiewit Plaza Omaha
Nebraska 68131
Telephone: (402) 943-1383

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
East Coast Office
PO Box 6176
Ben Franklin Station
Washington, DC 20044
Telephone: (202) 662-8130

Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation
1635 Market Street
17th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Email: info@JBJSoulFoundation.Org 
Telephone: (215) 636-0420

Free Money Giveaway No Strings Attached

Free money is available for people who are experiencing genuine hardship. Most requests for money are turned down because there is no genuine need - most of these fraudsters are looking for places where to get free cash and they spoil the system for real hardship cases. 

If you're still not convinced and need help for the money you should know that In 2013 alone donations in the US reached more than $50 billion dollars. You can get some of this free money by pro-actively looking for programs to help you. You should definitely try contacting some of the millionaires giving money listed above. 

If you're experiencing financial hardship look for all the foundations which offer financial assistance. If you're looking to improve your prospects look for organizations that offer scholarship programs. If you're looking to start a business check out some of the corporate philanthropy organization which helps business start-ups. Free money giveaway is available if you have a true need and are pro-actively seeking help.

If you're planning on contacting these rich people leave a comment below to support this site so it can reach more people, if you've already contacted rich people with free money giveaway with no strings attached then please leave a comment to share your story.


  1. To Whom it may concern'' i wish i could get a t start. All my life i been giving and i can not get a break..i know it hard for everyone.But if you can please help me with a start up contact me..jimmyrich31@yahoo.com so i give you more info and again thank you and God bless everyone'' Amen.

  2. I have bad health and no money for my child qnd I just a 200 would help for my son for clothes etc if anyone can help please contact me at clairecarl2011@gmail.com thanks

  3. I need what lots or some people might take for granted. A home. This past christmas was awful. I been around the clock just looking for a decent place to live where I can feel safe showered and feed. Awful past four months or so. Everything that can go wrong in a persons life thats spirals out of control and scary, has happened to me. I just need a security deposit at this point because rejection is my middle name. I don't believe in my 40 years of life that I have suffered so much mental emotional pain and anguish as I struggled to do right. I just need a small break from this suffering. I raised two kids. There off to college. I have my son that just ain't doing good in highschool for just starting off because he watches his mama his only parent that's been there as a single mom for all 3 of my kids lives start to crumble and fall. Can someone just throw me a financial life jacket. I promise I will pay back asap. Shannon. Apartment wants 8 to 1,600 but I can talk them to just 8 for security if its not to late once again.

  4. I am a 59 year old female and disabled living on a fixed income, I have been driving the same car for over 7 years, last year I spent over $8oo in repairs to keep it on the road. Now its dinging, gauges go up and down, break light, battery light flash on and off, took it to the dealership, they say $700 for a BCM and another $700 for a fuse block. I am done with this car, I need about $3 – $5 grand to buy another good car. I need to get to my doctor appointment monthly and to the store and back. I have no one to help me, my income just covers my expenses, I worked my entire life with back pain due to an accident I was in at the age of 21, dumb and stupid and the hospital let us walk out in shock, because I said I was ok, I was not ok. Finally in 2008 I won my disability. Can you see your way to possibly help me? nakbrewer@yahoo.com Go here PLEASE: http://www.gofundme.com/7xf430

  5. please help with this indiegogo campaign . Any help is greatly appreciated . Also there are rewards for contributers. Any money past what is needed will be used to help others in need . Please share this indiegogo link with anyone and everyone you can. http://igg.me/p/558281/x/4938215

  6. Im a single mother with a son who has bad health problems since birth I've been bouncing from house to house for two years now I've tried all governments sources but had no luck in that department i make $300 a month workin under the table takin care of the elderly i want some bad to be in my own place but with my son's expenses and paying for bus cab fare that leave me left with nothing I've applied for several jobs but no luck i applied for unemployment but got denied i have no money for child care so my son is constantly with i just need some type of break through I've been on very bad times with my son for two years

  7. hi i feel weird about asking someone for money could you help me make that kind of money im staying at my dads driving my daughters car i would like to become financial stable and purchase my own home and my kids a home if your interested please contact im not hard to locate

  8. Dear Sir / Madam. my name is syafruddin 59 year,my wife 50 and four my children 13,15,17,19.Please help me,now i need $5000 for pay off my debts and education my children.My email :roedy1919@gmail.com.Thank you so much.God Bless You.

  9. I am the youngest of 3. My father passed away coming up on 5 years ago, my mother passed away in December of 2013. I do not have family of friends to help with my financial hardship. I am 27 and my fiancee and I do all we can for our 2 young kids. I pay child support for our 3rd my daughter. I dont lie, cheat, or steal. I work hard for everything and can never get ahead. Please email @ jassonlewis5.jv@gmail.com so someone can help me from losing our home, car and positive position in life.

  10. This is great to see, I hope this is true. We all need help sometimes. Now I guess its my turn to be desperate to ask fofr help. I am a single mom who has lost her job. Now all my bills are behind and I just got a 3 day notice on electric and gas bill. So if anyone with a humungous heart could help me. I would be so blessed. The bills come to $1970.. And Thank You for reading and helping those who are in need!!! Teresa. Ladyt18713@yahoo.com

  11. Hi I am having multiple problems. I am a full time 24/7 caregiver for my grandmother. I have no car and no home of my own. I would like to have these things but not being able to pay for a caregiver for my grandmother or get family members to help out I can't find a job because of taking care of my grandmother. She can't walk, get in bed, or go to the bathroom by herself. Having a car would ensure that I have a way to get her medicine and breathing treatments to help her health. If you could the only money I would need to help us out would be $8,000 for a house of my own and $3,000 for a decent car to help my grandmother. If you could, would you please send me an email at thegreatestone.aw@gmail.com. thank you so much for being a blessing to me and my grandmother.

  12. We (my family) has no extra money (just the donated money so far) and 9 days to figure out how to come up with the money
    for a place to stay( Ronald Mcdonald house isnt going to be suitable due to our daughters issues)to pay for our food and gas. It is myself, my boyfriend and our daughter needing a place to stay while our son has his surgery 1st of two surgeries.

    Damion’s real fathers insurance will cover some of the test and appointments but has a $200 deductible but not all and not his medication or hospital stay.

    They will not allow us to stay with him as siblings are not allowed to stay there and his sister has severe AD/HD & Autism which makes it very difficult to even do anything, this is affecting her severely and is going to make is very difficult on her.

    Please help us pay for his operation, his medicine, our food & a place to sleep if you can?

    My son is and has been violently sick since July 2014, and the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him until Thursday 1/15/15, he has hydroureteronephrosis.

    His procedure is Jan. 27, 2015, a Laparoscopic Robotic Pyeloplasty. During the procedure they will find out what is wrong exactly meaning they are not exactly 100% sure what it is but will fix it while they are in there.

    He has either Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ obstruction) or a Congenital (Hereditary) abnormality that produces a narrow ureter & causes a nearby blood vessel to strangle the ureter.

    He will stay for at least 3 days and during that time we can’t drive 1.5 hours one way back and forth to home (besides he is scared and doesn't want to be alone) we needs money for food, shelter and medical costs.

    The link for people to share this or donate to help us is at
    Please Help Us Pay Damion’s Medical Bill’s

    I am afraid that because of his congenital heart disease he will not make it through the surgery, this fear could be unfounded but I am his mom and it is normal to worry. The doctor did say there are several things that go wrong besides
    the heart issue, such as throwing a clot because I have a history and they dont know why, he could get infections, the kidney could fail and a few other less serious things.

    We have raised $200 ($190 after Paypal fees) and its going to cost about or over $50,000 total but I didn't want to be greedy . It has already cost over $7200 for the tests he has had to date.
    I dont dare to ask for that much money from people I don’t know. So I am only trying to raise $4000,..I have 8 days to get as much as possible, the money raised after his surgery will be used for follow up appointments and medications, plus he will have a second procedure about 4 weeks after to remove a stent (tube from his ureter) which he will be put under again so it is another surgery.
    I have spoke to friends and family and they will see what if anything they can afford to do.
    What I am asking for doesn't cover the cost of our bills we are getting behind in because of all of this.

    Plumfund sends the money to Paypal and I am having any money raised outside the fund also sent to Paypal.

    If your not comfortable sending money through a website you are welcome to send it directly to us; only cash or money orders made out to me because he has no ID yet and cant cash it otherwise,..
    For get well cards mail too';
    Damion Johnson
    C/O Margo Johnson
    42 Carey Road
    Hardwick, Vermont

    For donations mail too:
    Margo Johnson
    42 Carey Road
    Hardwick, Vermont
    Feel free to call me also 802-473-2521
    Or send directly to Paypal (Which is where the payments are sent to anyway) at napfuture4u@yahoo.com <<<Paypal email

    I do not know how to thank people for helping my son get through this but know please that I will always have a special place in my heart for you; as will Damion and the rest of my family.

    With Love,
    Margo, Damion, James & Arianna

    ~God Bless You All~

  13. Hello, I am struggling bad but I would like ask if you would look into your heart and soul in well donation. Very little income students and others. As of no job but I am working in bettering myself as a business woman in starting mine own nonprofit christian retreat the Lord had showed me as I search for donation had become a full time job. I am christian who Loves the Lord very much. What ask here is from my heart and truth. I do ask from my heart if you would humbly help me. When you do make contact with me. I will give out more privately. May the bless you. I will being praying for blessing here. hotlady.900@hotmail.com Read this vere in the bible: Philippians 2:4 and Galation 5:6 the fruit of the spirit. God Less You Sue

  14. My Name is Janet W. of Baltimore Ms I am in need of help with my rent I am a single parent with two wonderful. Children ages 26 she has leukemia. And a 14 year old boy that is 6 3 wearing a size 14 shoe I am always the giver and Boeing need help my SELF MY EMAIL is williamsjanet@hotmail.com my bill is 5000 dollars please help me

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  16. Hi I am a 47 year old male who has been out of work for 3 years looking after my wife as she is disabled I have been put on jsa and wanting to start my own business in wedding car I have been wanting to do this for a few years now and wanting to start up buying a wedding car and hopefully to inherit to family to keep it going on I have high expectations on myself and life please please can someone help me achieve my goal to be someone proud in life my email chrispo1967@hotmail.co.uk thankyou I am a nice guy and very friendly please help

  17. Thank you for angels amongst us.....each and every one

  18. Hello I'm in a huge financial crises, I have been jobless from April-Dec 2014 and I've been playing catch up ever since. I'm about to loose my truck due to late payments, I'm paying 900 dollars in child support and whatever money I do make goes straight toward the kids before anything else. I'm not a dead beat dad I do my part in taking care of my kids, I just have to neglect the other bills because I don't make as much. I'm asking for any sort of donations please I need help. I wish I could get out from under this mess and be debt free from my student loan, truck payment and past credit card debt. Please anything will be a blessing Thomas Wiley P.O.Box 373 Valley Mills, Texas 76689 txcwby14@gmail.com Thank You

  19. This message is to the author of this website.

    Where can I find the success stories from the people that have come to your site for help? I ask because I don't really want to share my downfalls publicly if there isn't any help out there somewhere.

    Thank you.

  20. *3rd try to comment on this site*

    Message to author/owner of this website.

    Where are the success stories from people that have come to you and your website for help? I'm asking because I am not willing to share my downfalls if there really isn't any help for those of us in a financial struggle.

    Thank you for your time.

  21. Desperately need a helping hand. You can see our story here...

    Thank You

  22. Dear

    My name is Ayesha Khan ,am 24 year old female from India,am a single mother.I am writing to ask for financial assistance. My ten -year-old son , Ashu, was diagnosed with a kidney condition.Am a single mother i lost my Husband a year ago,I have no job, We stay in a one small on rent of $ 20 dollars per month, Before my husband died we had a little savings that is what we have been depending on,now is finished.Due to this i can not afford to give treatment to my son but only to see him die. I wish i could have the courage to write down all my sad life to you,its so worst than i can write to you. Despite all of these problems , Ashu still manages to carry a positive attitude and make every attempt to make others laugh. He loves playing soccer and basketball.
    I am attempting to raise funds for Ashu'a treament. The funds received will go on his treatment,it cost us $ 4000 dollars
    I am requesting any assistance that you may be capable of giving, whether it is monetary support, publicity surrounding his condition, or a donation. I understand that you may receive many letters, like this one, requesting for financial support, and I honestly understand if you are not able to assist at this point in time.
    Thank you so much for time and consideration, asha.khan300@gmail.com

  23. Im 17 years old, i have a two and a half month old daughter. I have tried for the last year to get a job, but no one will hire me. The father of my child are together, he lost his job for leaving work when our lil girl was born. He has also is trying to get a job. But since he lost his job and i have no income also, we have got a car thats going to be repoed if we dont pay,something on it, we have been jumping from house to house for the last month, plus just having a baby is expensive. I have sold everything i possibly can to survive. I hate asking people for money, but im in desperate need. All im asking for is a 100 bucks so i can get my daughter diapers and wipes and etc and so i dont have to worry about being a terrible mother. But if you could help it would be greatly appreciated! God bless!

  24. To anyone who has the means, and would like to truly "pay it forward". I would like to tell my story. I understand there are many deserving people out there. But, I have struggled much of my life starting with my parents dying when I was very young. Then, after going through years of drug dependency and bouncing around from home to home and city to city, I finally got myself a job. But, then due to debilitating illness, had to stop working and go on disability, which does not even cover my basic needs. I have a good heart, and have tried to help other people in my life, when I could. My dream is to be able to move back to Cape Cod, where I spent some time as a child. I am in my 60's, and may not too many more years to live. But, after a tough life and no family alive, I was hoping someone who had a kind heart might like to pay it forward, and either purchase a small condo or cottage for me on Cape Cod, or give me the money to be able to do that. Allowing me to live out the remaining years with a little bit of dignity. The ocean and the beach have always given me peace and serenity. If you would like to help and older man, in not too good of health. There's also my 5 yo Yorkie mix, as my companion. It would be much appreciated. send emails to: alanluvs7142001@yahoo.com

  25. I am in need of assistance for a place to live, furniture, kitchen supplies, and household needs. I am also way behind in my car payments and currently have no car insurance. I have lost my job last September and have yet to find a new one. I am currently living with a disable women helping her but she wants me to move out the end of this month. I am getting ready to start working on my 2nd Master's in Pastoral Counseling in 3 weeks and I have federal loans paying for this. I am praying that this degree will open more doors for me. The total amount in am in need of is $10000. This will help me find a place to live, furniture, household item needs, and pay the past due for my car and insurance so I can get to job interviews and doctor appts. The only assistance i am currently receiving is Food Stamps every month. Being that I am a single women with no children many doors have been shut for help. I am 57 years old and I feel that my age and health is closing the doors to the jobs I am looking for. If you can help me get back on my feet I would deeply appreciate it. You can contact me through my email at dprokos@liberty.edu.

  26. Bismillah Rahmaanir-Raheem

    Assallamu aleikum
    May Allah the Al-might,The Creator,The Exalted and the Preserver
    His blessing and peace be upon you in this worldly life and the Here After life..How Beautiful is Allah subhaanahu wa ta 'aala? Our minds cannot comprehend His Beauty. How Perfect is He? How Kind? How Loving? How Generous? How so extremely Merciful? There is noway we can ever understand. It is simply beyond our small and meagre capabilities.My dear brother let me hope this letter finds you in a good and healthy condition.My name is kayondo swaliki am in India but a from Uganda. Am writing to you with a heavy heart and with tears gushing from my eyes due to the sadness i carry with me always. My life is filled with sadness but i hope with Allah's blessing and your support i will be able to put a smile on my face once again. My troubles started when i lost my father,since then life turned up side down in terms of financial support. i know its not appropriate to address to you in this manner.But I have a broken heart and a painful sad life.Am suffering from multiple problems in my life ,sickness ,debts ,food.clothes,shelter am leaving with my friends who have supported in food and sleeping but they are going leaving,I do not have anyone in my life to help me,am jobless and my education stopped ,i was pursuing my MBA degree final year but due to my father's lose i stopped because of fees.My pain is increasing day after day.Am also suffering from stomach complications but i do not have money for check ups.I can not explain well my life its so bad,.I wish i could show you the clear picture of it.This is in short of it but is more worse than i can express it.I only ask God and you to help me over come my problems. I need to complete my MBA and get a job so that i can help my mother who is sick.I need $4000 dollars to complete my MBA degree,to pay for my debts and pay treatment for my mother.I have no place where to stay,i beg for your support.I know am asking for too much help from you since you barely know me or believe if am telling the truth.But in God's name am telling the truth.Am asking for your forgiveness is my letter makes you feel uncomfortable.I wish i had a way to share with you the true picture of my life.I pray to God that you doing fine.Thank you for reading my letter. kayondo07@gmail.com

  27. Have you ever wondered why in the world we thrive all of our lives to make and have "money"? We leave this earth and take nothing with us. why in the world would the rich be willing to help us who have nothing/ I feel like the last person,i see no responses of the rich helping no one. is this site a scam? I refuse as well to air my misfortunes and have no one even respond. I wonder about this site.

  28. Hello friend,i know its not appropriate to address to you in this manner,it would have been more better if i had contacted you by phone but i do not have your number or by your email but i do not have your email.I have a broken heart and a painful and sad life.Am suffering from multiple problems in my life ,disease ,debts ,depression,recently i got electric shock where my hands and face were burnt and more worse to that i do not have anyone in my life to help me,am jobless,no where to sleep ,no food,no money.My pain is increasing day after day,due to pressure from people i have to pay,the money i got from them was for my treatment ,they threaten to hurt me.On addition that i have kidney stones of which i need treatment.I can not explain well my life its so bad,.I wish i could show you the clear picture of it.This is in short of it but is more worse than i can express it.I only ask God and you to help me over come my problems,I need $ 4000 dollars to solve my problems .i feel ashamed to ask since am a man.I just need to have a happy life.I hope and pray that you will help me,but my friend my life is truly is bad,it feels like death.kayos2011@gmail.com

  29. Good Afternoon. I am looking for someone trustworthy that might help out someone that could use a fresh look on life.

    I am 44 years old married and have 3 children, College, High School, and Middle school. I own a, one man operation lawn care company. I have been in the Golf and Landscape business for 32 years. I started my own business in 2006 to allow myself to spend more time with my kids extremely busy sports schedule. This worked out great for us until recently.

    Its not a secret that I have not done a very good job managing my finances. I have chased debt with debt for many years and I need to fix this now. All I am hoping for is someone that would be willing to help me out. Currently I pay 20 payments per month totaling $3,885.24!!!

    I am looking for a 7 or 10 year loan in the amount of - $93,000 @ 4% to 8%. This will allow me to pay only 7 bills per month instead of 20 and reducing my monthly payments from the above amount down to $2,361.01, saving me per month, $1,273.57.

    I am very stressed right now because of all this and I don't want it to effect my life. I tried another company and they didn't work. they tried to rip me off. I put myself in this position and I am taking full blame for it. I want, and will pay every penny back guaranteed. I just need someone that believes me. I also have proof of all my debt down to the penny so please if you truly can help and want to make some easy money on my payments please contact me @ swampy06@hotmail.com

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  31. My Dear,

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    1. I was wondering about your comment about someone in germany can get you a loan on Germany. I am looking for way to aquire funds to start a business. My credit is tied up in student loans and need to make some options, I am educated and experience in different fields but my goal is to share my talents to the world trying to find some different route to make this happen. Can this company favour elena loans help me . Can you email at kontar2016@gmail.com

  32. this seems like a scam but who knows someone might hear my cry

  33. hi im Ray and im in need of cash to help my wife , she has copd and throat cancer. The cancer is eating her vocal cords up and soon she will not be able to talk to me. There is an operation she can get but it cost a lot of money and her insurance wont pay for it. Not hearing my angel speak to me would be devastating. $10,000 would cover the operation. then some how i would take care of the hospital bill. Well i better go and take care of her but if someone wants to contact me just E-mail me at mr7276643@gmail.com ty. TC and god bless you all..

  34. aparte de necesitar dinero por el tratamiento, necesito medicos que sepan realmnete que tiene mi papa.
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