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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Get Free Money from the Government 2017 - The Definitive Guide

This blog is devoted to helping people get free money from millionaires, billionaires, and philanthropists. One place most people neglect to check is the Government website USA.Gov, this site should be the first port of call when you're looking for financial assistance. Below you will find the definitive list of all the places where you can apply for financial assistance.
I would recommend that you bookmark this guide because it will have a centralized point where you can find all the information you need. Feel free to share this guide with anyone who might be experiencing financial hardship and leave a comment below if you've found it helpful.
Benefits.gov - Your Path to Government Benefits
The first place to go is Benefits.Gov, this site will help you determine which benefits you qualify for. Fill in all your details carefully so you can find out which benefits you're eligible for.
Another worthwhile site you should visit is the Social Services Agency in your State. The Social Services Age which is often referred to as the State's Human Service Agency will be able to offer you financial assistance or point you in the direction of your local community organization.
You also need to check to see whether you're eligible for any Government Grants. Grants are awarded to universities, researchers, cities, states, countries and non-profit organizations.
The Government also offers Loans to businesses and education. These loans need to be repaid however the interest is much cheaper than what the Bank may offer. You can visit GovLoans for more information.
For more specific help you should visit the information sources below. You can get information on benefits, grants, and loans. I would recommend you read through the guides thoroughly to see if you're eligible for any help.
DisasterAssistance.gov - Access To Disaster Help and Resources
If you or your family are experiencing disaster or financial hardship you can apply for help from the Government. You can also get help with mortgage and rent assistance if you need urgent financial assistance.
Food and Nutrition Service
If you're experiencing hunger you can you can apply for the Food Stamps Program from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. If you need help with medical bills or need to apply for insurance then the first port of call should be Medicaid or Medicare. I have listed all the important links below.
BusinessUSA Beta: Business.USA.gov
If you've become unemployed through no fault of your own then there are a number of benefits you can apply for. These include Unemployment Benefits, you can also apply for earned income tax credits. If you're interested in training or education you could apply for Employment and Training Assistance. I have also added a link below for Government jobs if you're interested.
If you own a farm then you could apply for Agricultural and Rural assistance which have been bookmarked below.

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